When interviewing it can be tricky to get your main points across in a short period of time. You want to give informative answers that tick all the boxes for the employer and put their mind at ease. That’s why we have created some top tips to help you along the way.

Set some time aside to prepare for the interview and make a list of answers for the key points from the job description. Go over the clients website and get a full grasp of their cultures, products and projects. Look over a couple of lists of the top ten most generic interview questions and write answers for these. You can be sure that a couple will pop up during the interview and you will already have a detailed answer for these.

Always arrive at your interview early to allow you time to prepare and brush up on your pre planned answers. Not sure how to dress? Business casual is generally best, smart shirt, suit trousers and your swankiest suit shoes.

Polite and friendly greeting followed by the hirers names. Firm handshake, eye contact and be confident with a friendly smile. Once sitting down, maintain good posture and body language throughout the interview. Remember that first impressions are key.

Take your time before answering a question. Read out the question they asked with your answer followed after. This helps you to avoid filling any uncomfortable silence with meaningless words. Slow, controlled and confident answers.

Use the S.T.A.R method when answering each question in an interview (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Tailor your answer to any previous experience that you may have that is relevant and aligns with the role, project, product and company. This way you can give more in depth answers to your background and expertise to help get your points across. 

When finishing up an interview they will always ask if you have any questions for them. This is a great opportunity for you to ask more about the company and to show them that you have done your research. Quoting things from their website and asking open ended questions will show that you have done your research and that you are interested in the company’s future.

One small thing that a lot of people forget is to bring a bottle of water. Talking for 1 hour straight can give you quite a dry mouth.

We hope this helps you successfully land that new job, we are rooting for you!